Company Profile

AGT trait was based on our brand spirit「Renewable」、「Reuse」、「Reduce」、 「Sustainable」Furthermore 「Bio-degradable」、「Bio-based」、「Recycle」are our main values to green materials. We hope to bring everyone a real concept of green life and making human sustainability environment by using green materials.

Our chairman Miss Lee Chia-Yen, who was study in Japan. She decided to come back to Taiwan because his father’s word: "As long as you are willing to stay in Taiwan and contribute what you learn, you can do whatever you want.
" Miss Lee Chia-Yen truly love her hometown and decide came back to Taiwan. She masters the key technologies of green materials, and in response to the "green products" market demand, commitment to creating a human life environment.

To enter the international market, our products have become popular among buyers in Europe, United States, Australia, the Middle East and Japan and they are our customer for long term. In addition, AGT still continues to fight for the relevant certification mechanism, has now achieved the European bio-decomposable material certification EN13432 and the German LFGB household products testing the world's highest standards. In 2014, under the leadership of the "Green Little Giant Tutoring Program" team, we are the first company qualified with Carbon-footprint label requirement in Taiwan.
Under the leadership of Miss Lee Chia-Yen, the company has injected a new force into innovation and gradually transformed itself into a new turning point in corporate transformation and assumed the social mission of environmental preservation.

Advantages of AGT Green Technology Company


Key technologies

Grasp green materials modification and R & D technologies to effectively control the risk of fluctuations in upstream raw materials.


Made in Taiwan

Creating a new market value of MIT.


Green innovation

Integration of green innovative design concepts, offered new products in line with market demand, brings the product to new life.


Natural Products

100% non-toxic household goods.


Traditional regeneration

Forty years of re-use to the production process, recreating the new value of consumer goods.